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Certified Supply Chain Leader (CSCL) Canada's Leading Designation for Supply Chain Professionals also known as the CSCL Designation

Enhance Your Career Potential With The CSCL Designation

The Certified Supply Chain Leader Designation (in addition to and with the intent to replace the CSCMP Designation), is Canada's leading Designation for supply chain professionals, committed to supply chain excellence. With a newly launched curriculum that is updated regularly in order to stay current with the dynamic supply chain landscape, the CSCL designation is geared towards enhancing the leadership attribute in addition to imparting world-class supply chain knowledge.


We are introducing a new level to the CSCL Designation. The CSCL Executive Designation is a new, elevated level for our CSCL Designation holders. The Executive level will focus on professional development in areas that are critical competencies for supply chain leaders who are also at an executive position.


Designation Holder


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose CSCL?

  • Recognized and Endorsed by Ontario Legislature

  • Committed to Supply Chain and Leadership Excellence

  • Benchmarking Against Industry Standards

  • Competitive, Affordable and Flexible Price Model

  • Elevating Your Profile with Professional Knowledge and Expertise

  • Real-life Example Based Learning With Clear Learning Objectives


We're happy to help! Please reach out to us if you have questions surrounding your eligibility or the structure, fees, or time commitment of the CSCL Designation program. You can fill out the short inquiry form below, or alternately reach out directly to our Manager of Admissions and Student Relations, Alisha Seguin at [email protected] or +1 416.977.7566 Ext. 2150.

New CSCL Curriculum Launched in May 2023

Developed in collaboration with reputable post-secondary institution and an esteemed education working group

  • Clearly Developed And Measurable Learning Objectives

  • Enhanced User Experience On Education Platform

  • Knowledge-Testing Tool To Self-Assess

  • Reduction In Case Study Assignments And Discussion Forums

  • Less Monetary Investment

  • Less Time Investment

Program at a glance

In order to earn the CSCL designation, you must successfully complete all of the following:

8 Modules on Strategic Supply Chain Management Knowledge

  • Foundations of Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement Strategy and Supply Management
  • Inventory, Logistics Management and Transportation
  • Operations and Process Design Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Global Strategic Sourcing
  • Public Sector Supply Chain Management 
  • Major Projects, Capital Goods, and Services 

6 Workshops on High-Level Business Skills

  • Effective Leadership
  • Art of Negotiation
  • Importance of Communication
  • Contract Management & Competitive Bidding
  • Risk Management
  • Ethics: Social and Environmental Responsibility

Graduation Requirements

  • In addition to an overall grade of 60%, a passing grade of 50% in each of the course components is required.
  • Module: Final assignment/case analysis and group/individual participation. Weighted at 30%.
  • Workshops: Session work, case analysis or project assignment and group/individual participation. Weighted at 15%.
  • Final Exam Process: Full Case analysis demonstrating leadership competencies of the program. Weighted at 55%.
  • Three (3) years of practical experience. All relevant work experience (including summer employment, internships, and co-op placements) will be applied towards the practical component.

Final Examination Process

  • Final Exam Preparatory Workshop (10%)
Case-based final exam testing the application of knowledge acquired throughout the program (45%). Candidate performance will be monitored throughout the program.

Eligibility Criteria

Not sure if you're eligible? Please see our eligibility criteria below, or reach out directly to our Manager of Admissions and Student Relations, Alisha Seguin ([email protected] or +1 416.977.7566 Ext. 2150).

Applying Based on Work Experience:

Eligibility: A minimum of 3 years' experience in supply chain management, or 5 years experience in Business, Engineering, or Finance.

Applying based on Education

Eligibility: A completed degree/diploma in a business, finance, engineering, or a Supply Chain related program from a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution. Otherwise, proof of International Equivalency is required.

Experienced Already? Talk To us about fast-tracking your designation

We Are Here to Walk You Through Your CSCL Journey

The world of supply chain is busier than ever! To reduce your training and certification time, you may apply for an exemption once you have been formally enrolled into the CSCL Designation Program. The exemption process considers your eligible work and educational experience* and exempts you from corresponding course components. If you would like more information, or to understand if you are eligible for fast-tracking your CSCL Designation, please reach out to Alisha Seguin at [email protected] or +1 416 977 7566 x2150.

*Work experience must be relevant to the field of supply chain management. Only education completed in the last five years is eligible for consideration for an exemption.

Accredited Programs to Fast-Track the CSCL Designation

Partnerships with post-secondary institutions offer exemptions to graduates of applicable programs. To view the full list of partnered programs and the awarded exemptions, please click here